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The Fool on the Hill
Kawaii Koushiro's tips on life / Shrine to Koushiro

Do you have internet access?

By Koushiro himself....

weellll...The fool here asked me if I would help her site out, and so now here I am...
~Never talk to Mimi about anything that has an IQ above a soapdish.
~Always have a computer with you.
~Suck my dick Tentomon
~Excuse that last one....
~Always be..SUSPENSFUL...Nevermind
~When you are bored, dress up in winter clothes inside
~You are never TOOOOO knowledgable.
~give peace a chance
~be cute, like me
~Don't feel sorry when TK starts to cry, because you know that nothing you could do would help him.
~Jyou may have the crest of reliability, but never rely on it...
~you know fool, the beatles aren't that good....
~Love your computer. It will love you too.
~All you really need is love
~All you need is a computer.
~ok, and food
~Y'know, when I'm not on-air I'm always doing something in attempt to mortally hurt Kari.
~My hair does not looks like June, ok?
~How come I had to get the stupid Bug digimon? He really doesn't reflect MY personality.....
~You can never be too cute *NEVER*
~Never live without Double-stick tape
~The dig-gods suck
~I'll be back soon

*Faints* sigh....

I wish he was blushing over me...**SWOON**...L'amour..L'amour....Je t'adore le Koushiro!


This is my site of inspiration, and I love it so much! I think that list of things that are smarter then Mimi are so funny! Even thought she is really cute, she's a real doofus!



I think it's hentai, but what the hell do I care?!!